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Test automation is the use of software tool to undertake the execution of tests. Here the assessment of true outcomes to anticipated outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, other test control and test reporting functions are majorly seen. Commonly, test automation involves automating a manual process that is already in place which uses a formalized testing process.

The factors of what to automate, when to automate, or even whether one really needs automation are critical decisions the testing team need to make.  

Contemporary Testing tools can help automate tasks of product installation, test data creation, GUI interaction, problem detection (consider parsing or polling agents equipped with oracles), defect logging, etc., without necessarily automating tests in an end-to-end mode.

Goals and Objectives of Software Test Automation:

- To reduce Testing Cost and Time.

- To reduce Redundancy.

- To speed up the Testing Process.

- To help improve Quality.

- To improve Test coverage.

To reduce Manual Intervention. When should the application not be automated?

1. If it is a Onetime testing.

2. When the testing involved is limited to Ad-hoc testing / Exploratory Testing

3. If the Customers’ requirements are frequently, changing.

The significant requirements must be taken care of when thinking of test automation:

- Data driven capability (Input Data, Output Data, Metadata).

- Platform and OS independence .

- Easy debugging and logging - Customizable Reporting (DB Access, crystal reports).

- Version control friendly.

– minimal binary files.

- Extensible & Customizable.

- Common Driver (For example, in the Java development ecosystem, that means Ant or Maven and the popular IDEs). This enables tests to integrate with the developers' workflows.

- Support unattended test runs for integration with build processes and batch runs. Continuous integration servers require this.

- Email Notifications (automated notification on failure or threshold levels). This may be the test runner or tooling that executes it.

- Support distributed execution environment.

- Distributed application support.

Vowels IT Solutions assure our customers to deliver quality software providing end-to-end offshore software testing services. We strive to optimize our client's IT needs with care because of which we take testing as a great challenge and see that there are no errors and reach our client expectations.

 Whenever software is developed, it is first tested by a software testing engineer for all the potential errors that a user may experience. Testers consider the software as if they are the end users and check how user friendly it would be to launch the software in the market. There are various manual testing concepts which help fixing the bugs and make the application user friendly.

At Vowels IT Solutions our enthusiastic team of skilled software testers, offers a full range of quality assurance (QA) services through both manual and automatic. Our QA lab supports software for small and large development projects..