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At Vowels Group we provide a number of different outsourcing models to suit your needs. Each has its own merits. The key aim is to achieve significant cost saving whilst maintaining the same or improved quality. At Vowels Group we are extremely flexible, so if you would like to try a different variation, please feel free to discuss this with us.

Vowels Group's outsourcing delivery models consists of:

- Onsite Model

- Onsite-Offshore Model

- Offshore Model

delivery models distribute the outsourcing team among onsite, offsite, and offshore locations differently. As the volume of routine work required increases, so do the opportunity for leveraging offshore team and thereby increasing your cost savings. Offshore development offer substantial cost savings without sacrificing response time or quality.

Onsite Model

The onsite model is where the entire outsourcing team is located at your site. This model works best for complex applications with evolving standards, frequent user inputs, and changing requirements.

Onsite-Offshore Model

The onsite-offshore model is where the outsourcing team is distributed between onsite and offshore locations. This model works best when knowledge transfer is more long term or the applications are more complicated and there is a flexible turnaround time. The onsite-offshore model is more cost effective than the onsite model.

Offshore Model

The offshore lab model is where the outsourcing team is distributed between onsite and offshore locations. The offshore team focuses on application development, testing, and maintenance initiatives. Building an offshore lab is best suited when the project has significant volumes and an evolving specification. The engagement is usually long term. Having a virtual extension of the client systems available to the offshore team and strategic pricing are the main benefits realized with the offshore lab model.