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IT Staffing

  In today's unprecedented and drastically changing times every business organization is in search of something additional in the form of services with unique culture and a very distinct, progressive, and professional attitude. ‘ Vowels IT solutions’ IT Staffing Services & Solutions enables you in getting qualified and experienced personnel to suit your requirements working exclusively for you. For any business enterprise, hiring the most fitting candidate for a job position is highly important. To get this done, and to eliminate all the problems of hiring, the services of a staffing company are recommended. Here are the top three reasons for using a staffing company to do the hiring for you.


1. Firstly, it is cost-effective. This is significantly true for small companies, because the undefined costs of hiring can be eliminated. By hiring a staffing company, you will not lose time over hiring up people. so, there is no downtime to your day-to-day operations.

2. Secondly, you can make sure that the individual is well-fit for the job as the staffing company takes the responsibility of him. In the hiring process, analyzing people and conducting interviews require a specialized skill. When you hire individuals from a hiring company, you can rest assured that the people that they will send are 100% qualified because they usually go through a rigorous screening process. If things do not work out, you can easily have the company send another staff over instantly - so more time is saved.

3 . Finally, you will be able to test the skills of the employees before permanently hiring them. To sum it all up, using a staffing company is a cost-effective, efficient and time-saving way to fill out the job vacancies within your workforce. We have a unique culture and a very distinguished, upward, and professional attitude. We are results driven and passionate about matching the perfect people with the companies. We take pride in providing quality consultants to reputable clients in order to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. We completely understand the competitive edge of business and maintain a flexible, professional atmosphere. Our employees work in a fast-paced environment focused on goal setting and accomplishing those goals.

Our Services

Contract Services ‘Vowels IT solutions’ Contract Services are a apt solution for companies that undergo frequent fluctuation in the need for technical resources. As projects are completed and inventory begins to slow down, we handle the discontinuation of existing contracts. Once the contract is started, we handle all human resource functions and employer related insurance administration.


Contract-to-Hire Services are very similar to Contract Services with the exception that it is normally the intention of the company to hire us at some point in the future.

Direct Hire

Our Direct Hire Services are a perfect solution for companies that need technical resources internally but may lack the recruiting expertise or resources to attract ideal candidates.


Services Our Payroll Services are a perfect solution for companies that need technical resources internally but lack of resources or desire to manage internal employee human resource functions such as payroll generation and distribution, payroll tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements and employer related insurance administration.


Services Our creative consultants and strategists are sought for their expertise in leading and delivering design solutions. They associate with you to spot new business opportunities, guide product design strategy, verify decisions through research and testing, and deliver predictably effective experience designs along the way. We work on a mission to become the global industry leader of IT staffing. With an accurate and functional understanding of the IT world, ‘Vowels IT solutions’ provides the highest quality service and support to our clients and consultants. We look to our employees to maintain and continue to build the high standards we have set for them and to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity to create long-term, meaningful relationships with our Clients.


If you are a small to midsized organization and do not want to go through the financially stifling task of setting up an offshore office we have the perfect solution for you to solve your IT requirements. Through our IT Staffing Solutions your business will reap manifold benefits as: IT Staffing Services - Cost Effectiveness All tangible and non-tangible metrics such as office paraphernalia, employee management etc, is managed by Vowels IT solutions. IT Staffing Solutions - Time Efficiency Our virtual employees are dedicated individuals with expertise and experience in their respective areas. They are time bound individuals, working towards optimizing your business returns. IT Staffing India - Direct Contact You have direct access to these resources and can directly assign work to them. Working with our resources would be exactly like working with your own employees. IT Staffing Services - Personalized Instructions you can instruct our resources on your processes and reporting methodologies and the same would be followed to the letter.